Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Umbraco for beginners: How to see versions of a property on a page (back in history)

All CMS systems log data versions and the person who has changed them. Umbraco is of course is  not an exception regarding this matter :)
But how can we check and see how has done the change?

There are probably some add-ins for that, but what if you don't want to let other people see old data? What if you don't have time, or not allowed to install a package on the production server?

It is pretty simple :). you just need to query on the Database

Wrong text back in history

Lets say your client sends you a bug report and when you check it you see that a text field is not correct. For the sake of example, lets say you have several email subjects in your CMS and you have a bug report saying someone has received "Subject 2" instead of  "Subject 1". What will you do?

Of course first action is to check CMS and then checking code, but what if everything is right? Isn't it possible that for a period of time an editor changed it to the wrong value and after a while corrected it? How would you check that?

A simple query like this

SELECT TOP (1000) 
    pt.Alias ,pt.Name,  cpd.dataNvarchar, cd.updateDate, u.username
--,pt.*, cpd.*, cd.*

  FROM [dbo].[cmsPropertyData] cpd
  inner join [dbo].[cmsDocument] cd on cpd.[versionId] = cd.[versionId]
  inner join [dbo].[cmsPropertyType] pt on = cpd.propertytypeid
  inner join [dbo].[umbracoUser] u on =  cd.documentuser
  datanvarchar like '%Subject 2%'
With this query you will find all property names in the history that "%Subject 2%" has been assign to them with date and the one who is responsible. Also you can filter on any other fileds like nodeId (page id) and also you can check other data types (dataInt, dataDecimal, dataDate, dataNvarchar, dataNtext)

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