Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Accessing resources in Azure


The old way of accessing resources like blob storage was connection string. Later services have been added to Azure like Key Vault in order let people store keys, secrets and certificates in order to let developers do their job while protecting the production environments from the rouge ones :).

That being said, there is new ways to give access to platforms so they can access each other. For example in Azure Data Lake Analytics, you might want to access Azure Data Lake Store, Blob storage and Data Factory and to do that you need to give it access for each of them.

Where to find values that we need?


For the data factory, if we were about to follow the same lead, meaning that we needed a service principal Id and key that can be created using active directory, but it turns out that we don't need to as Azure have a newer concept called "managed identity" which has already been created when we have created the Data factory using Portal. We just need to make sure that the data factory identity have access to the DataLakeStor.
So what we need to set in the parameters is only the subscription and resource group in the release pipeline.

* We could also use managed identities to connect to Blob storage on Azure.

You can read more about managed identities for Azure here

Data Lake Analytics

In any case if we need to have a service principal (like for the Data lake analytics), we can just create an app in active directory and make sure that app have access to the resources we need. Then we can read the Id and key as below:

Id:     Active Directory>App registrations>Application ID
Key: Active Directory>App registrations>Settings>Keys--> add new one

read more about how to do it in here:


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