Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Adding Data Lake Analytics to Data Factory

For working with Data Lake Analytics in Data Factory, follow the instructions below:
  1. Add a new Service principal authentication if you don't have one
    • In portal go to Active Directory >App registrations>+ New application registration> Provide a name and URL for the application

2- Take the Pricipal key and Id for the user:
Id: Active Directory>App registrations>Application ID
Key: Active Directory>App registrations>Settings>Keys--> add new one
3- Add the key to the Key vault and take the name for it
Go to Key vault account related to the resource group that you are in and add a secret to it
4- Give permission to both the Data Lake Analytics and the Data Lake Store it uses.
Grant service principal permission to your Azure Data Lake Anatlyics using the Add User Wizard
Giving access to Data Lake Analytics
In the Azure portal, go to your Data Lake Analytics account.
  • On the left, under Getting Started, click Add User Wizard.
  • Select a role ( we can use contributer), and then click Select.
  • Paste the principal Id from the step 2 in the search field. it will find the principal (user) name
  • Select the access control lists (ACLs) for the U-SQL databases. When you're satisfied with your choices, click Select.
  • Select the ACLs for files. For the default store, don't change the ACLs for the root folder "/" and for the /system folder. Click Select.
  • Review all your selected changes, and then click Run.
  • When the wizard is finished, click Done.
Giving access to  Data Lake Store
In the Azure portal, go to your Data Lake Store account.
  • Access control (IAM)
  • Click add
  • Select the role (CONTRIBUTOR)
  • Paste Pricipal ID in the search field to find the principal (user)
5- Add a Linked service in Data Factory
Go to the Data Factory> Connections> + New
  • From Compute tab select >Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Give it a good name and feel the values for tenant and service
  • Set the principal Id from step 2
  • select Key Vault option and feel the secret name
  • click on test connection to see that Azure data factory can get connected to the Data Lake Analytics


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